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In January 2019, the Provincial government released the Mining Jobs Task Force Report outlining twenty-four recommendations which begin to address key the competitiveness challenges facing BC's mining industry – five of these are already being put into action.

In the global mining industry, when it comes to competitiveness, we know there are a lot of forces at play. Mining companies do not set the price at which their goods are sold; they are set by the global commodity market, regardless of the cost of production within any given jurisdiction. Commodity prices go up and down, while the cost of doing business, and trade disputes can have lasting impacts on our sector. Mining companies in B.C. have become incredibly skilled over the years in mitigating the impacts, however, they remain uniquely susceptible a multitude of forces over which they have little or no control.   

May was the first ever BC Mining Month and the Mining Association of BC had the pleasure of celebrating the BC mining industry with events across the province. From our annual Mining Person of the Year Award Reception to the Teck Celebrity Pie Throw, we participated in events all across BC, recognizing the people and communities that build and support this province through this foundational industry every day.

MABC kicked off BC Mining Month with the Mining Person of the Year Award Reception, honouring Bob Quartermain for his many contributions to the industry and his integral role in the development of the Brucejack Mine.