A Globally Competitive Industry

BC is a world class mining jurisdiction.

British Columbia is strategically positioned to be a mining jurisdiction of choice.

  • We have a world-class pool of talent.
  • Transportation infrastructure such as ports and rail move our products to market.
  • Our unique geology is rich with resources.

BC Clean

  • British Columbia mining companies are among the lowest GHG emission-intensity miners in the world.
  • Our clean energy grid contributes a low carbon footprint at all of our sites.
  • BC mines leading the globe in investments clean tech and infrastructure.

Global competition and carbon leakage

  • In order to continue to grow the BC economy and support job growth in the province, BC mining companies must be globally competitive.
  • Should the cost gap be too high, carbon leakage will occur, meaning that production and the economic benefits that go along with it will shift to jurisdictions where carbon emissions are taxed less or not at all.
  • A competitive tax structure for trade-exposed industries, as well as a clear, consistent and coordinated regulatory framework will help keep jobs in BC and reduce the risk of carbon leakage.