Environmental Stewardship

As Canada’s largest producer of copper and steelmaking coal, BC's mining industry will play a pivotal role in Canada’s commitment to a lower carbon future. Stewardship of the environment, for present and future generations, is the cornerstone of the mining industry’s privilege to operate in British Columbia.

British Columbia’s mining companies continue to find new and innovative ways to mitigate the impacts of their operations and minimize their environmental footprint over the life of their projects.  This progress is initiated by individual companies, directed by government regulations and guided by continuously evolving national industry standards.

BC has some of the world's most rigorous regulations in place managing a mine's environmental impact at all stages of the mine's life from planning and permitting to development, production and reclamation.

The BC Environmental Assessment process ensures that any potential environmental, economic, social, heritage and health effects that may occur during the lifetime of a major project are thoroughly assessed. Environmental Assessments are managed by the BC Environmental Assessment Office, a neutral regulatory agency within the provincial government that works with and seeks input from Scientific Professionals, Indigenous groups, proponents, the public, local governments, and federal and provincial agencies to ensure that no adverse effects are missed.

Additionally, BC's mine operators manage and monitor their sites performance with numerous environmentally-focused metrics, including tailings management, biodiversity conservation management, and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions management.

Notably, British Columbia’s mining companies are among the lowest GHG emission-intensive in the world. MABC's advocacy and public communication regularly encourages governments to make decisions related to mining that would support achieving the goals and targets of the Paris Agreement.”

British Columbia’s mining industry practices are some of the highest environmental standards, supported by a deep commitment to sustainable development and production, and the BC Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines is regarded as a global benchmark for best practices in environmental stewardship and responsible development.