Economic Impact

The mining industry is foundational to the province of BC.  For generations, mining operations across BC have provided family-supporting jobs and investment in all regions of the province.

BC has a global reputation as a leading jurisdiction for mining with rich, diverse mineral deposits in every corner of the province; copper, coal, zinc, silver, gold, lead and molybdenum are the primary minerals mined in the province. BC is Canada’s largest producer of copper and steelmaking coal, the second largest producers of silver, and the only producer of molybdenum. 

In 2017, BC’s mining activities generated more than $11.7 billion in gross mining revenues and companies invested $1.5 billion in capital expenditures at sites throughout the province.  The mining industry is a capital-intensive industry and BC mining companies work closely with mining supply companies throughout the province.   From heavy equipment and industrial materials to transportation, environmental sciences and more, every job in the BC mining industry, supports two jobs in mining supply and services.

In 2017, the BC mining industry directly employed more than 10, 000 British Columbians.  A large percentage of those employed by the mining industry are employed from local communities.  The mining industry is the largest private sector employer of indigenous people in Canada.