Carmanah Technologies

Mining sites are typically located where frid-based lighting solutions are difficult to implement, making reliance on expensive diesel generators all too common.

Carmanah's solar-powered lighting prodructs offer cost-effective, reliable solutions for even the most challenging conditions. They are durable and portable for changing onsite needs, with no in-ground wiring or complex setup required. To top it off, they help keep mining sites' carbon emissions down, contributing to Canada's low carbon economy. 

Solar hazard markers can be easily deployed along haul routes, barricades, fences, and more. Flashing traffic beacons provide 24-hour safety for traffic and pedestrian areas. Area lighting ensures site-wide safety and security across all roadways, paths, and parking lots. Airfield and helipad lighting allow crews and equipment to be transported safely at any time.

  • Operating in BC since 1996
  • Directly employs 142 people wolrdwide and 55 in British Columbia
  • Operating our of Victoria, BC