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Alec Morrison

Alec Morrison - Strategic Advisor, MABC; President & CEO, MSABC
Strategic Advisor, MABC; President & CEO, MSABC

He is responsible for managing supplier-related policy issues and coordinating joint-initiatives between MABC and the Mining Suppliers Association of BC (MSABC). He also chairs the MSABC Membership Committee and is responsible for MSABC Public Relations and Government Relations initiatives, under the direction of the MSABC Board and Executive.  Alec worked for two years as a Research Assistant at the Mining Association of Canada before moving to MABC in January of 2011.  He also has over five years of experience as a Legislative Assistant to Members of Parliament in Ottawa.  Alec holds an MA in history from the University of Ottawa and a BA in political science from St. Thomas University.  He currently resides in Vancouver.