Mining Day at the Legislature Recap

February 26, 2014

Mining Day at the Legislature 2014 took place on February 19th in Victoria.  It was the first time MABC has hosted Mining Day at the Legislature since 2007.  50 industry representatives from MABC, MSABC and AMEBC attended Mining Day.  Delegates were placed in teams of four (12 teams in total) and attended a total of 48 meetings, with a total of 60 of 85 elected representatives and 10 senior members of the bureaucracy.

Mining Day at the Legislature began the evening prior with a briefing dinner attended by industry delegates where they were given their delegate packages, including their team assignments, meeting schedule, briefing notes and additional material for the following day.   Mining Day itself kicked off with breakfast with the Minister, which was followed by team meetings throughout the day.  Midday, MABC hosted an industry/government lunch that was attended by delegates, elected officials and senior members of government.  More than 130 individuals were present for lunch and the keynote address was delivered by Pierre Lebel, Chairman of Imperial Metals Inc.

Feedback from participants has been very positive to date.  If you have any additional comments or questions about the execution of Mining Day at the Legislature please send them to Cailey Murphy at [email protected].  MABC is now working on following up with any elected officials or others that requested more information beyond what was available on the day.  We look forward to planning the next Mining Day at the Legislature event.