Mining Association of BC Welcomes First Substituted Environmental Assessment Decision

March 20, 2017

The Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) welcomes the first completed mining environmental assessment decision under Substitution, AuRico Metals’ Kemess Underground Project. On March 15th, the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) issued an Environmental Assessment Certificate and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) issued a positive Decision Statement.

Many proposed projects in B.C. require both a provincial environmental assessment certificate and a federal decision. Under Substitution, instead of undertaking two separate assessments on the same project, the BC Environmental Assessment Office conducts a single process that meets both provincial and federal requirements. Substitution is enabled by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012. Under Substitution, there is a single review process and two decisions (federal and provincial). To date, British Columbia is the only jurisdiction to have implemented Substitution.

“MABC has consistently advocated for all levels of government to work collaboratively to ensure consistent and clear processes that lead to timely decisions for the mining industry,” said Karina Briño, President and CEO of MABC. “When appropriate, a single environmental assessment reduces duplication not only for government and proponents but also for First Nations and communities. MABC appreciates the high level of collaboration between both levels of government and First Nations in this decision, showing that regulatory burden on all parties can be reduced while maintaining a strong and rigorous regulatory process.”

At all stages of the mining cycle, proponents and operators in B.C. participate in and require authorizations from multiple regulatory processes, including environmental assessment reviews, mine permitting, mine inspections and reclamation and closure approvals. The Mining Industry in B.C. is committed to safety, environmental stewardship and meaningful engagement with First Nations, communities and the public.

For more information:
Karina Briño, President and CEO
604 681-4321, Ext. 120

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