MABC Supports Provincial Efforts to Ensure Public Confidence in BC Mining Industry

August 18, 2014

Following the unexpected breach of the Mount Polley tailings dam on August 4, 2014, the BC Government has announced the establishment of an independent expert panel to conduct a thorough review of the incident.  In addition, a province-wide directive for independent, third party inspections of all mine tailings dams was issued by the Chief Inspector of Mines.

The Mining Association of B.C. (MABC) supports the provincial government’s efforts to ensure public confidence in the safety and best practices of the B.C. mining industry.  The mining industry in B.C. is wholly committed to safety, environmental stewardship and public responsiveness.

Karina Briño, President and CEO of the Mining Association of B.C. stated, “We welcome the opportunity to engage in an open and transparent dialogue about industry practices and our commitment to responsible environmental management and continuous improvement.”  “We share the community, the government, and the public interest in finding out what happened at Mount Polley,” she continued.

MABC looks forward to the findings of the Independent Panel Review and any recommendations which may enhance safety standards.

MABC continues to follow very closely the events related to the Mount Polley incident and is committed to doing its part to support the impacted communities.