May 10, 2011

TSM recognized as “best-in-class” across all sectors

Vancouver – The Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) today became the first provincial mining association to adopt the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative.

TSM was first launched by the Mining Association of Canada in 2004 to improve the industry’s performance by aligning industry actions with the priorities and values of Canadians. The initiative includes public reporting by individual mine sites against a series of performance metrics addressing issues such as tailings management, Aboriginal and community engagement, energy and climate change, crisis management, health and safety and biodiversity. Public reporting is subject to third party verification.  The initiative is guided by an independent community of interest advisory panel that consists of Aboriginal, NGO, organized labour, community and financial sector representatives.

TSM has been twice evaluated by independent experts against comparable initiatives in Canada and around the world and been found to be best-in-class.

“BC’s mining sector is growing.  With that growth comes a heightened expectation from society that we operate responsibly and commit to best practices whenever possible,” stated John McManus, Chair of MABC and Senior Vice President Taseko Mines Ltd.  “TSM is best practice and we are proud to sign-on and demonstrate to British Columbians our commitment to sustainable development.”

“Roca Mines is the 2009 recipient of the MABC Mining and Sustainability Award.  As a member of MABC, we see the adoption of TSM as the natural next step in our continuing efforts to mine safely and responsibly,” added Scott Broughton, Second Vice Chair of MABC and President and CEO of Roca Mines Inc. “TSM will take us to a new level of public accountability and good practice.”

TSM is being rolled-out this year to MABC members with MAC support, including a number of training workshops for mine site personnel and the provision of guidance materials.  Public reporting of MABC member performance will begin in 2012 after a year’s experience with the program.

“I am delighted to see MABC join us in our commitment to improved performance,” stated Doug Horswill, Chair of MAC and Senior Vice President, Teck Resources Ltd. “Teck, as a MAC member, has adhered to TSM from the outset and we now apply it to all of our Canadian and international operations.  The extension of TSM to non-MAC members adds further credibility to the initiative and supports Canada’s mining industry’s position as a global leader in corporate social responsibility.”


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