Mount Polley & Tailings Facility Review Update

On August 4th 2014, the dam for the Mount Polley tailings storage facility breached releasing water and tailings into the environment. At this time, the cause is under investigation by the BC Government and an Independent Panel. The Independent Panel report is expected  to be released January 31, 2015.

Independent Panel Report (released Jan 30, 2015)

Jan 30 Press Release - Mount Polley Panel Delivers Final Report

In addition the Chief Inspector of Mines ordered the accelerated submission of annual dam safety inspections to government on December 1, 2014 (from March 31, 2015) for 98 tailings facilities. A full review and synthesized report is expected in early February 2015.

Dam Safety Inspection Reports (released Jan 30, 2015)

Synthesis Report (released Jan 30, 2015)

Detailed information and updates can be found through the links below.

Imperial Metals

Jan 30 Press Release - Report by the Mount Polley Independent Expert Engineering Investigation and Review Panel

Mount Polley Updates

Ministry of Energy & Mines

Jan 30 Press Release - Government  Takes Action On Panel Recommendations

Mount Polley Investigation and Inquiry Regulation

Guidelines to Annual Dam Safety Inspections

Mines Act & Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia

Ministry of Energy & Mines Act

Ministry of Environment

Mount Polley data and updates

Independent Review Panel Investigation and Dam Safety Inspections

Panel Website - includes Terms of Reference, biographies, contact

Aug 18th - BC Govt Announcement


  • Appointed a 3 person independent panel to conduct an investigation on Mount Polley


  • Accelerated annual Dam Safety Inspections (DSIs) be submitted by Dec 1, 2014 (normally required by Mar 31, 2015)
  • DSIs must have an independent third-party review (not usually required)
  • Third-party review of the dam consequence classifications by December 1, 2014.


Tailings FAQ

MABC Submission to the Indedependent Expert Engineering Panel

Op-Ed -Aug 21 - Extensive safeguards already in place for B.C. mining industry

Press Releases:

Jan 30 Press Release- MABC Acknowledges Independent Expert Engineering Panel Report on Mount Polley

Aug 18 - MABC Supports Provincial Efforts to Ensure Public Confidence in BC Mining Industry

Aug 6 - Mining Association of BC is Monitoring The Mount Polley Tailings Dam Incident

Mining Association of Canada

Jan 30 Press Release - Mining industry welcomes the release of BC’s independent panel report on Mount Polley

Aug 8 - Mount Polley tailings breach is a major industry concern

Towards Sustainable Mining - Tailings Management

Canadian Dam Association

Jan 31 Press Release - Canadian Dam Association comments on the Mount Polley Independent Expert Panel Report

Aug 13 - Canadian Dam Association comments on the Mount Polley Mine Tailings Dam Break

Dam Safety Regulation across Canada

CDA Dam Safety Guidelines & Technical Mining Bulletin (not available online)

Resource Works

Op-Ed - Getting a better understanding of the Mount Polley tailings


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