BC Mine Rescue Competitions
Mining is one of British Columbia's safest heavy industries

Health & Safety

The mining industry remains one of the safest heavy industries in BC. 

We are proud of our safety record and all of our members are committed to doing everything possible to make sure that mine workers go home safely every day.    

MABC members work with the Chief Inspector of Mines and his team of mine inspectors, to ensure that the highest safety standards are met, and that improvements that can be made, are made; and that lessons learned from incidents that do occur are shared across the industry.  

The mining industry is governed by a suite of provincial legislation covering everything from equipment operation and camp conditions to personal protective equipment and the use of natural resource roads.  Some helpful links are provided on the right hand side of this webpage, and you can contact [email protected] for more information.  

While there is always room to improve, we are leading the way on safety practices for heavy industry in BC.  The mining industry is also prepared for the worst case scenarios that we hope we will never face.  Each mine site is required to have at least two exits, safe areas stocked with emergency supplies, radio communication equipment, and a well-trained team of emergency responders.   Our workers keep their safety skills sharp through Mine Rescue competitions held each year, overseen by the Chief Inspector of Mines for the Province of BC.

Mine safety awards are handed out by the Minister of Mines every year.  To find out more about past winners, the eligibility criteria and award adjudication follow this link: Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.