Business Improvement Toolkit

The Mining Association of BC (MABC), in partnership with WorkSafeBC, is pleased to release a unique Business Improvement Toolkit aimed at industry-wide education, and improvements to service delivery models for managing workplace injuries and recovery in the mining industry.

While the mining industry in BC remains the safest heavy industry in the province, the Toolkit will help ensure that when injuries do happen, everyone involved can work together to see that the best care and recovery plan is in place to help workers get back on their feet. 

This toolkit provides a wide breadth of information, in a way that is easy to distribute and can be used by mining operations both big and small.  It makes it easy for employees, their supervisors, and their physicians, to know and understand all of the options available to them.

The toolkit is a joint initiative between MABC and WorkSafeBC that provides information and resources to employees, supervisors and physicians about their roles and responsibilities, and options for the best post injury recovery plans. The Toolkit is the product of a joint Working Group between MABC and WorkSafeBC, drawing on the diverse experience and expertise of senior executives, client service managers and human resource professionals.     

The Toolkit is available for download on the right side of this page.

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