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Uncertified/Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic – Willow Creek Mine

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Conuma Coal Resources
Conuma Coal - Willow Creek Mine

Tumbler Ridge/Chetwynd BC

Job Type: Full-time/Permanent

Wage: $42.15 - $44.55

Work Environments/Conditions:

Truck shop: Noise of heavy equipment tools, dust, exhaust, cement floors, frequently near moving equipment or parts, frequently working from heights, continuous standing/walking/weightbearing, frequent bend/twist/reach/push/pull combinations in awkward postures, time pressure for repairs with high consequence of error (safety and assets); high attention to safety required (and noted). Job observed directly.

Field: Extreme weather conditions (e.g., temperature, precipitation, wind, visibility), variable and extreme walking and driving conditions (e.g., rock, mud, ice, snow - any conditions extremely uneven at times), frequently near moving equipment or parts, frequently driving, frequent bend/twist/reach/push/pull combinations in awkward postures while outdoors; time pressure for repairs with high consequence of error (safety and assets); high attention to safety required. Filed job not directly observed.

Shift Schedule:
12 hour shifts, (7 days on/ 7days off)
2, 30-minute breaks per shift

Job Objectives/Description: Day and night heavy-duty mechanics who operate in the truck shop. They drive or push the equipment needing maintenance into the service bay from where it was parked just outside; work on the equipment and drive it out to the lot for pickup.

3 day, 2 night field runners who operate 50% to 70% of the time outdoors, at the location on the property where the equipment needs maintenance. This can be several km away.

Skills & Experience:

  • 4 Years Technical Training or equivalent
  • 4 Years Mining Experience
  • Must be able to communicate (read/write/speak) effectively in English

Key Demands/Measurements:


  • Sit/Stand/Walk/Drive
  • Truck shop:
  • Stand/walk/weightbear up to 11 hours daily; occasionally on rough ground; climbing on/around equipment.
  • Field Runner:
  • Drive up to an hour one way; up to 6 hours over a day otherwise walking on uneven ground outdoors and climbing on/around equipment.

Top Strength Requirements:

  • Items required to be manually lift, carry and manipulate (one person):
  • Cylinder heads 106 lb
  • Impact wrench 30 lb plus typical socket, used continuously in various positions including overhead/outstretched arm

Heavy Equipment Mechanics - Equipments used to Perform Job:

  • The typical heavy duty mechanic tools including hand tools (e.g., wrenches, screwdrivers), air and impact tools (e.g., wrenches, drills) and sledge hammers.
  • Materials handling equipment (e.g., hydraulic jacks and hoists, chains, overhead cranes, slings, come-a-longs), ladders, man-lifts, safety harness and lanyard, truck to access field.
  • Other supplies and equipment: Any part needing replacement, repair or removal for access.

Conuma Coal provides competitive wages and benefits. Benefits include paid vacation, RSP program, and extended healthcare.

No camp facilities are available