BC is Canada’s single largest exporter of coal, largest producer of copper and the only producer of molybdenum. Source: NRCan

Pacific Northwest Economic Region 24th Annual Summit

July 20, 2014 to July 24, 2014

The Summit brings together over 600 legislators, private sector members and other stakeholders from across the Pacific Northwest region, and covers topics important to the economic development of the United States and Canada. Over twenty working groups, led by the public and private sectors, meet during the summit to discuss the opportunities facing the region. We recognize that mining is a very important issue in the Pacific Northwest and would appreciate any promotion or input your organization could offer. The mining session will focuses primarily on sustainability and green mining, mine development, transparency, and community engagement.  During the summit many other issues will be discussed, such as energy and environment; forestry; agriculture; tourism; and transportation, and we would value your input and participation in these discussions.

PNWER is a statutory public-private partnership chartered by Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon and Northwest Territories. The PNWER Summit is a regional U.S. – Canadian forum designed to encourage education and sharing of best practices to improve our regional economy and way of life. PNWER is a respected voice and resource for our region, and provides the public and private sectors a cross-border forum for unfiltered dialogue that capitalizes upon the synergies between business leaders and elected officials who work to advance the region’s priorities.

Whistler, BC