BC mining industry, "As we grow we have to do so in a manner that earns trust and confidence of  British Columbians"

Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering - University of BC

UBC Certificate of Mining Studies

  • an intensive, part-time learning program focused on providing participants throughout British Columbia, Canada and the world with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the mining industry
  • a planned sequence of Internet delivered courses though the year, combined with traditional classroom courses

Who Will Take This Program?

  •  A wide range of people with diverse interests in mining, including industry professionals, students, members of government and non-government organizations, mining communities and First Nations groups
  • those seeking to expand and/or upgrade their knowledge base and skills, ranging from the traditional mining and environmental science to economics and social science.

This Program Can Help You To:

  • access accredited, practical courses, including broad-application cross-training and specialized
    applications that satisfy personal, professional and corporate objectives
  • experience dynamic and effective online learning via the Internet from the mine site, office or home
  • complement your online learning experience with the peer review, mentoring and hands-on practicality of the classroom courses
  • upgrade your skills and knowledge on a variety of critical contemporary mining issues.