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Britannia Mine Museum

The Britannia Mine Museum, both a National Historic Site and a BC Historic Landmark, was established in 1974 to celebrate the contributions of mining and minerals to society, the history of the storied Britannia Beach community and the ideas and practices of environmental renewal and sustainability. It is a premiere, non-profit organizationpromoting mining awareness through entertaining, experiential education programs, important historic collection preservation and insightful public engagement.

Open seven days a week, the Museum offers exciting new and existing venues for exploration, discovery and local arts and culture, featuring:

  • The Beaty-Lundin Visitor Centre – A brand new building visitors will experience when entering the museum. It houses several theatrical mining exhibits and a mineral gallery, a new theatre space, a gift shop and the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame where visitors can learn about Canadian mining pioneers.
  • The A-Z Administration Building – The museum fully restored an original heritage building
    to create this new exhibition centre to showcase the stories of the Britannia Beach community
    during the 70 years it existed as a mining town.
  • The Historic Mill Building - A National Historic Site and one of the last remaining gravity-fed concentrator mills in North America, the Mill Building is an awe-inspiring building that has been the symbol of Britannia throughout the years. Restored in 2007, each of the 14,416 panes of glass was hand-puttied into the frames to maintain its heritage.
  • The Underground Mine & Train Ride – A memorable underground train ride deep inside a mountain mine where visitors will experience what life was like for miners back in the day.
  • The Village Board Walk & Gold Panning Area – Stroll down the scenic boardwalk to experience the newly restored heritage buildings and feel the thrill of discovery when visitors find a glint of gold when panning for real gold.
  • Family Play Area – Young and old alike can play in this expanded sunlit, protected, mining-themed play area where they can have fun in a Super Haul truck and imagine themselves as miners using toy diggers, trucks and hoppers.
  • The Event Plaza – A new central gathering place where special events and demonstrations will be held.
  • Machine Shop – The 1908 Machine Shop is home to a number of historic pieces of equipment and machines such as the restored ambulance car.
  • Core Sheds – An immense archive of rock core samples drilled from the mountainside as you walk down from the underground mine.
  • EPCOR Britannia Mine Water Treatment Plant - Represents Britannia's environmental remediation legacy. Britannia Mines had an environmental impact on Howe Sound due to acid rock drainage, which occurs naturally when rainwater reacts with oxygen and exposed minerals. The water treatment plant uses natural materials to filter minerals and neutralize surface water runoff collected from the area, resulting in clean water flowing into Howe Sound.